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Phone: 402-733-9740
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President’s Notes


Dear Members,

Well it’s been a long and cold winter, but we are looking forward to spring and summer. Some exciting things have happened at the club and we are looking for more good things to happen.
First off we had elections for new board members. Congratulations to Kathy Valencia, Terence Cabral, and John Ramirez. They will be taking over for Jon Chin, Jackie Carmona, and Frank Deloa. Thanks for the years of great service they gave to the club.
Next, we are planning things for Cinco de Mayo. If you want to join us in the parade or help decorate the float, let us know. We will also have DJ Marty Mar out in the Pavilion so you can just show up and celebrate.
Then, On May 20, 2018 we will have Bobby Z and Polka Joy playing in the Pavilion. Come enjoy some good music, food, and beverage of your choice.
Then of course on Memorial Day we will have the Honor Guard at 12-noon and afterwards a luncheon. The scholarship committee is planning to have a chicken dinner on June 18th.
We are always looking for volunteers to help with our events.
So many great things going on at the club. Come down, help out, or just enjoy.

See you at the club.

President Phil Lordemann